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Weird Book of the Moment: Pictorial Poultry Keeping by Dr. J. Batty

Ah, the majesty of the chicken. While tigers, eagles and thoroughbred horses may have their charms to some, to the true connoisseur, no creature in the animal kingdom comes close to capturing the grace, dignity and unparalleled beauty of the chicken. And no one understands that better than Dr. J. Batty, author of Pictorial Poultry Keeping.

From the intelligence of their beady little eyes to the color, shape and texture of each silky feather and each pecking beak, these magnificent creatures are brought to life under the camera’s lens. Each facet of chicken life, its subtleties and intricacies are delightfully explored in these pages. Whether expert or novice, lover of chickens as pets or livestock or simply admirer from afar, for the true chicken-fancier, this book is essential.

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