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Joseph Heller enjoyed World War II

The Guardian skims through a letter written by Joseph Heller of Catch-22 fame to be auctioned off, and concludes that the author actually enjoyed his military service during World War II and found it full of ‘glamour’ unlike his anti-hero Yossarian.

How did I feel about the war when I was in it?” Heller wrote in the letter to an academic preparing a collection of essays about the book. “Much differently than Yossarian felt and much differently than I felt when I wrote the novel … In truth I enjoyed it and so did just about everyone else I served with, in training and even in combat.

“I was young, it was adventurous, there was much hoopla and glamour; in addition, and this too is hard to get across to college students today, for me and for most others, going into the army resulted immediately in a vast improvement in my standard of living.”

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