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Christie Watson interview: nursing & writing

Christie Watson, who is nominated for the UK’s Costa Prize for Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away, is interviewed at the Daily Telegraph about her day-job (and night-job too) in nursing.

Nursing has changed since then into something I almost don’t recognise. The capes have been replaced with pyjama-like scrubs. The fob watch is an iPhone loaded with a multitude of apps – i-Resus, for instance, an application nurses can use to help manage cardiac arrests. (We are not yet able to defibrillate or “shock” patients’ hearts back to life with our iPhones, but that day will surely come.) The terrifying night sister who checked on standards of care is now even more terrifying by her absence. Instead, there is a very young-looking manager who really doesn’t care what you’re wearing as long as the hospital trust meets targets in order to keep its foundation trust status.

You read the interview and wonder how she has the strength or will to write creatively after a shift in the hospital.

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