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Edinburgh Mystery Paper Artist Bids Us Adieu

Detail of feathers created from paper

Twice now, we’ve written about the mysterious and beautiful book and paper sculptures that were showing up around Edinburgh.

Well, as reported by NPR, the much-beloved library phantom has bestowed her last gift upon the literary community.

And, finally, alongside the cap and gloves, whoever it is that makes these things, left an explanatory note, which revealed first, that she is a woman, (“Some even thought it was a ‘he’!…As if!”), that she is not, as many thought, an artist who specializes in sculpting books (“this was the first time”), that these sculptures were thank you gestures “in support of special places,” and that she had no intention of revealing her identity and anyway, newspaper readers across Edinburgh were happy “not to know…which was the point, really.”

…she also mentioned that this was the “last” sculpture she would do, the last of 10, and therefore it seemed only right to put it in the Poetry Library, where she had started.

What a glorious, beautiful thing to have done. Magic in the world indeed, and we will miss seeing and hearing about these divine little bookish gifts.

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