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Kitty Lit: Bookish Meets Cattish

Here at AbeBooks Headquarters, we occasionally step away from our bubbling beakers to read books. And we’ve all noticed a disturbing trend throughout classic literature.

Many of the so-called “classics” are entirely devoid of cats. I know.

Cats and books go together like bees and honey. So we took it upon ourselves to properly “Catify” some of the classics. We bring you, the joy of Kitty Lit. Cats on classic covers!

We’ve gotten a great start with The Great Catsby, A Tale of Two Kitties, Lord of the Fleas and more. And our talented group of Design wizards worked their magic to create newer, cat-centric classic covers as well, to lend some gorgeous visuals to our catification. Enjoy, share with your friends, and if you have an idea for another cat-centric book title, please leave it in the comments!

…and just in time for Santa Claws!

…sorry. I hope that doesn’t cause any hissy-fits. Ooh, there’s another. Sorry. Don’t get furryous. Whoops. Don’t worry, I’m at the tail end of this post…

…about our pet project.


…No need to be catty.

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