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One step closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

Aside from his wand, Harry Potter’s most useful accessory was his invisibility cloak. If my memory serves me correctly, the Boy Wizard used it in every story and his father also found it very useful during his time at Hogwarts.

We should all own invisibility cloaks (I would use it to sneak into major sporting events without paying and at work to allow me to sleep at my desk) and it seems scientists at the University of Texas are one step closer to actually inventing such a device.

The BBC reports “Researchers have ‘cloaked’ a three-dimensional object, making it invisible from all angles, for the first time.

They apparently made an 18cm-long cylinder invisible to incoming microwave light. The story is too scientific to actually understand but the writer points out that a Harry Potter-style cloak is a long way off.

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