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The Library Backstage at the Oscars: Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books

Apparently, Architectural Digest create a relaxation, staging and lounge area backstage at the Academy Awards, where presenters, nominees and recipients can prepare and unwind. This year, they included a library component, and they asked Thatcher Wine, of Juniper Books in Boulder, Colorado to come aboard and do the bookshelf portion. Wine, a bibliophile and bookseller with an eye for beauty, designs custom book collections for clients, based on both book content and appearance.

Clients request the number, subject and genre of books they wish, and often, the color scheme and theme as well, and Wine gets to work putting their idea into reality, working with artists to design the book jackets and create a library as aesthetically pleasing as practical. Wine lets the clients decide whether the books behind the jacket are authentic and relevant, or just props. Some die-hard booklovers feel that this trend toward books as design or display may take away from the spirit of books. But let’s face it – books are beautiful, and their display can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. And in the changing book industry times, when the question of the future of the physical book is up in the air, it seems a positive turn.

For the Oscar project, Wine flew to Los Angeles himself so he could personally put in the library. For the occasion, he designed jackets with still photographs classic film scenes, then wrapped the books in them so the spines on display depicted the famous scenes. He was lucky enough to have access to the archives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, so had his choice of countless iconic scenes and stars – Charlie Chaplin, a scene from All About Eve, and many more.

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