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Behind the Scenes with The Cary Collection

Original artist's final proof for Ian Fleming's "Goldfinger" - one rare item offered by The Cary Collection.

Thomas Cary is a collector who lives in New York. He is also one of our sellers. I say collector and not “book collector”, because while both would be true, there is much more to Cary’s collection than one pigeonhole could possibly hope to encapsulate. You’ll find rare books (which are his main specialty), fine art, equestriana, antique bottles, vintage clothes and furniture, assorted collectible kitsch, and who knows what else.

See for yourself. New York Social Diary just featured an article about his collection, housed in his own apartment, and included a lot of photographs of the truly stunning selection of memorabilia and more.

Even looking at the pictures I find it equal parts exciting and overwhelming. I’m not sure I could live there (even in my own, comparatively bare, apartment, I occasionally find myself shrieking “we have too much stuff!” and going on a frothy-mouthed de-cluttering spree), but I’d love to have a few hours (and a few expendable thousand dollars) in there.

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