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Sadie Jones returns with third novel – The Uninvited Guests

Sadie Jones has a new book out, her third, and she is living under a self-imposed Internet ban so she probably won’t be visiting our esteemed online organ. Her debut novel was The Outcast, her second was Small Wars and the third is called The Uninvited Guests.

The Observer carried an interview with Jones yesterday.

Success came as a shock to Jones, who had spent 15 years as a screenwriter, trying – and failing – to get her work produced. “Life is not a meritocracy,” she says now. When The Outcast was published, she was 40 and a mother of two – Tabitha, now 15, and Freddie, 13 (she is married to the architect Tim Boyd). The reception was “ridiculous. Like being bombarded with sweeties…When you’re in it, you think the whole world is looking at you and you’re basically Geri Halliwell.”

With The Uninvited Guests Jones has abandoned the 1950s in favour of a fizzing supernatural tale set over the course of one night in an Edwardian country house. Comparisons to Downton Abbey are inevitable – although Jones started work on The Uninvited Guests in 2009, a good year before Lady Mary put in her first appearance.

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