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Andy Warhol Sketch – Garage Sale Find of a Lifetime

A very lucky businessman named Andy Fields made a shrewd business deal indeed when he visited a garage sale in Las Vegas in 2010. Fields plunked down $5.00 for five paintings sold by a man with a history of drug abuse, and whose aunt had looked after Andy Warhol as a child. Fields did not realize the treasure he held until he took the paintings in to be reframed. When the backing came off one, a drawing stared back at him, featuring the unmistakable bright red lips of a Warhol drawing, showing unmistakable early seeds of his iconic pop-art style.

The drawing is a portrait, believed to be of 1930s American singer and bandleader Rudy Vallee. Warhol would have been a child of about 10 years old at the time the sketch was made. Fields has no current plans to sell the sketch, and wishes to display it – but since he has learned the piece of memorabilia could bring in $2 million at auction, one wonders how long that decision will hold.

Here are 5 of the top most expensive Andy Warhol-related sales ever placed on AbeBooks:

1. Complete set of 10 issues of Aspen Magazine – the Magazine in a box. Sold for $23,602.93.

2. One Cent Life, Edited by Ting Walasse and Sam Francis – Original Pop Art & Cobra Graphics. This is a vibrant collaboration of the emerging Pop Art scene with the looser New York and European painters of the period – some fine graphic work appears in this unusual volume. Sold for $3,960.00

3. Love is a Pink Cake by Ralph Thomas Ward and Andy Warhol. An early collection of Warhol ink line drawings illustrating famous love stories told in poems by Ralph T. Ward (“Corkie”). Warhol had wooed Ward for two years, and the publication of this book, given to their friends and associates, was to celebrate the beginning of their relationship. Sold for $3,826.78.

4. Andy Warhol’s Index is a strange book. 3D illustrated boards with plastic. Inside originally came with many objects, such as a balloon, pop-up castle, folding accordion, and many more. Sold for $3,000.

5. Screen Tests/A Diary by Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol. 1967 extremely scarce and collectible. Sold for $1,750.

via abc news.

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