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Literary Humiliation – First Teenage Book Crushes

The Awl has a fantastic piece today on the horrifyingly humiliating first book choices of over 30 successful and established writers of today.

Some of the titles/authors that made the cringeworthy list:

Ayn Rand
Anne Rice
V.C. Andrews

The book based on the movie (yes, you read that right) “Tombstone”
Jack Kerouac (most often named)

The list made me feel much better about my own predilection for pap and crap in my formative years (though I read plenty of good stuff, too, don’t get me wrong). I was delighted to see that New Yorker writer Ariel Levy used to love Sweet Valley High – I had an insatiable appetite for those books and used to scour secondhand shops for ones I hadn’t read, and spend my allowance on them. I was a huge proponent of The Babysitters’ Club, as well, and later, could not get enough Dean Koontz to sate me. How embarrassing.

What were some of your embarrassing early literary preferences? Go on, be brave – leave a comment.

via BoingBoing

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