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An Edible Book and An Edible Book Festival

Saturday, April 7th saw the brainy and fun-loving folks in Seattle enjoying a paradise comprised of booklovers and foodies. The Seattle Edible Book Festival sees entrants making literary edibles, often involving very punny jokes. The Good Shepherd Center in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood hosted this 7th annual event, with over 100 entries. Some of the more noteworthy included “Challah-ver’s Twist” (a loaf of challah bread with a thought bubble reading “Please Sir – I want some more,”), and “Lord of the Fries” (a large potato with an asparagus scepter and a crown of red pepper, ruling over a bed of french fries). You get the idea. Punny, literary, delicious and fun.

You can see pictures from and winners of the event here.

And along the same lines of wonderfully weird and a bit impractical, check out this amazing edible cookbook. You can actually read it, cook it and eat it. How’s that? Well, the recipes for this book are printed on sheets of fresh pasta. So once you’ve read them, you can bake them into a delicious lasagna. Also handy if spies are coming after your recipes, too. *gulp*

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