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Little Golden Books with a Long Golden History

http://www.abebooks.com/books/childrens-poky-puppy-margaret-wise-brown/little-golden-books.shtml?cm_ven=blog&cm_cat=blog&cm_pla=link&cm_ite=title%20of%20blog%20post Generations of North American readers were brought up with Little Golden Books. As of 2002, over two billion Little Golden Books have been printed. More than 14 million copies of The Poky Little Puppy alone have been sold since the series began in 1942. Various formats of Little Golden Books have been created including, games, toys, videos, miniature books, and records. There is no denying the incredible impact these books have had on multitudes of people and their strong nostalgic appeal will ensure that they remain in print for years to come.

Browse the bookshelves of your childhood and rediscover a literary franchise with a golden history.

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