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Everything Is Going To Be OK

It’s a sunny Friday here in Happyland, so all is well and full of promise. But some days, whether from watching the news, or stress, or money woes, we could all use a little reassurance, comfort and peace of mind. And if that comes in the form of lovely things, all the better. In a busy and cynical world, it’s good to have a break sometimes.

A couple of years ago I bought a set of 10 greeting cards on etsy from a seller named Gemma Correll who had designed the cards. I loved them. They were completely weird (one had a little dude dressed as Batman, declaring “Je suis Batman”. Uh-huh.), but charming and loving and unique, and I liked the art very much. I only have one of the cards left and have been meaning to buy some more, and today I saw that there is a new book of positive, happy notecards and envelopes called Everything is Going to Be OK, with art by Correll and others. This would be the perfect pick-me-up for a bluesy day – a paper-based dandelion break, if you will.

There is also an earlier version, still called Everything is Going to Be Ok, but in book form, not notecards.

There you go. Cheer yourself and a friend up. Lovely.

Still got the grumps? Have you explored our list of feel-good books? They just might do the trick to lift you up out of the dumps.

Happy Friday!

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