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A List of 27 Surprisingly Bizarre Objects Used as Bookmarks

What? He was all I had handy.

The other day on the AbeBooks Facebook wall, I asked people what items they had used as bookmarks in a pinch. I expected I’d get a list similar to my own experiences – a grocery receipt, a bank balance slip, a movie ticket stub. But this list was so much more gloriously weird than I could have anticipated, further cementing my happy belief that booklovers are a little bit crazy, in the best possible way. Some of the real gems from the list of responses included:

-a toothpick (because the straw kept falling out of the book);
-toe tags I take from work;
-a handful of grass I pulled from beside me;
-a fork;
-some toilet paper;
-an unused maxi pad;
-a baby’s sock;
-a scorpion I found flattened in one of my moving boxes;
-a clerical collar;
-an unused and unwrapped tampon;
-a cell phone;
-an iPad;
-a smaller book;
-a necklace;
-money (various denominations);
-a piece of palm frond;
-a slice of French sausage (although this wasn’t intentional);
-I’ve used one of my nipples while I answered the phone (this from a male contributor);
-a rasher of bacon;
-a comic strip;
-bumper stickers;
-a clump of cat’s fur;
-an actual cat (technically I didn’t put the cat there – she decided to save my place);
-a clothes peg;
-wine bottle labels;
-guitar picks and guitar strings; and
-a sunny-side-up fried egg.

Suddenly it becomes clear how all those weird things found in books ended up there.

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