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“The Crow’s Vow” by Susan Briscoe – Beautiful Cover, Beautiful Poetry

Remember our March Madness Battle of the Beautiful Books? Well, we have an interview with the poet whose book “The Crow’s Vow” won the whole enchilada. Read on to learn more about the lovely and bird-crazy Susan Briscoe.

And I came across another book today which reminded me that two designs, while very similar when described aloud, can convery very different emotions and tone, depending upon their presentation and the designer’s choices. Briscoe’s book is on the left. On the right is a book called Death by Todd May. Both covers are plain, minimalist, featuring nothing but text and a crow. Both covers are even pink (though very different pinks, and the stock images that go with the listings for ‘Death’ for sale don’t appear pink on our site), but they’re so different. The David Drummond design (for Briscoe’s book), with its pale, pastel pink and small, stylized, featureless crow in place of text feels unassuming, exploratory and even celebrational, while the other (I don’t know who designed the cover) feels challenging, confrontational and calculating. I liked the comparison of two different treatments of similar subject matter.

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