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Delicious Medieval Illuminated Manuscript Cookies

An illuminated manuscript is any manuscript whose text is accompanied by decoration. It originally referred only to silver or gilt adornments, but came to be acceptable terminology for any manuscript with drawings, paintings or decorations such as ornate initials, borders, floral accoutrements and the like. Often the illuminations would depict a historical or rural/pastoral scene.

In the case of these amazing, fantastic, I-can’t-stop-raving-about-them examples, there is also flour and sugar, presumably. Yes, a creative genius whose friend I would very much like to be, over at the luminarium blog, made a batch of illumination cookies for his friend. He chose historiated initials from a variety of manuscripts and created what looks to be 24 letters of the alphabet (not sure whether Y and Z are just missing from the photo for symmetry, or they did not get created) using edible paper attached to square cookies, and then piped on edible gold edging. I really think the result is so gorgeous. I wonder if they were tasty, too.

I love when people combine food and literature. It’s like the world gets brighter, just for a moment. *happy sigh*

Read our illuminated manuscript feature to learn more about illuminations, historiated initials, and medieval books of hours.

via BoingBoing.

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