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Vatican Disapproval Sends Nun’s Sexuality Book to the Bestseller List

Wow. If I ever have a book published, I hope the Vatican will help me out by publicly condemning it. Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics by Margaret Farley was #142,982 on Amazon’s book ranking list on Monday morning. Then the Vatican spoke out against the book, the news went viral while the newsmedia took to every platform and outlet possible, and as of the writing of this blog post, 48 hours later, it is at #14. #14 on Amazon’s bestseller list. Wow.

Margaret Farley is a Catholic nun, and a Yale scholar and her book tackles the tough questions such as gay marriage, masturbation, pre-marital sex, divorce, remarrying and more. The book, as well as the Vatican’s condemnation of it, has sparked controversy and debate over what it means to be a devout, good Catholic – blind faith and devotion? Questioning and challenging? Can one be a good Catholic in the eyes of the Lord and the church while disagreeing with many of their stances? One thing is for sure – the Vatican did Margaret Farley a favor by speaking out against her book, which is now enjoying a quality of limelight few publications ever see.

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