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36 Remarkable Novels Set in London

Apparently, commercial entities are not allowed to mention the O******* during their promotional work due to copyright issues. So there is a really big sporting event that originated in Greece about to start in London and, to be topical, my colleague Richard has written a feature called A Literary Tour of London where he has showcased some excellent novels set in the city.

This list includes Graham Greene, Muriel Spark, China MiƩville, Martin Amis and a host of other writers. Richard tells us a bit about why he chose the books he chose to feature:

“When I first moved to London, one of the first writers I discovered was Nick Hornby. I used to ride the Piccadilly Line while reading Fever Pitch and High Fidelity with the text of the books reflected by the actual locations that I was passing.

This a modern list. I felt Charles Dickens could be given a miss for once. The likes of Will Self, Amis, Monica Ali and Zadie Smith are probably more representative of today’s London.”

See the list. Think we missed a crucial title? Comment and set us straight.

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