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Gore Vidal 1925-2012

Love him or hate him (and plenty of people did plenty of both), Gore Vidal, who passed away yesterday at the age of 86, will be remembered. He was as well-known for his acerbic wit and outspoken opinions as for his writing. He came out vocally strong with scathing commentary on everything from William F. Buckley to Truman Capote, from George W. Bush to the Roman Polanski sexual abuse scandal of the 70s. Famed erotica writer Anais Nin claimed to have had an affair with Vidal, which he later denied in his memoir Palimpsest. Infamous and famous, loved and loathed, Vidal’s admirers and detractors (grudgingly) all agreed on his dizzying capability as a writer. He was a very talented man. Collectors and fans will be pleased to note that there are many signed Gore Vidal books available so far.

Throughout his prolific career, Vidal wrote 26 novels, 14 screenplays, a healthy handful of plays, and countless essays and pieces of non-fiction.

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