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Fabre’s Book of Insects, 1935, Art by Edward Detmold

This is one of the color plates from my most recent gift to myself – a surprisingly affordable 1935 edition of Fabre’s Book of Insects. I bought it for the 12 color plates – I find bugs so interesting – but the writing is so engaging and passionate that I’m finding it’s a great read, as well. Highly recommended.

The color plates are by Edward Detmold, and the book is a non-fiction re-telling, by Mrs. Rodolph Stawell, of a translation of the original French “Souvenirs Entomologique” by Jean-Henri Fabre. Souvenirs Entomologique was a ten-part series published in the late 19th century. The original retelling was published in 1921, and my copy, the 1935 reprint, by the Tudor Publishing Company in New York., was surprisingly, wonderfully affordable and contains all 12 of these lovely, tissue-guarded color plates.

For those interested in nature and insects, or fans of the art of Edward Detmold, I highly and happily recommend Fabre’s Book of Insects. For more about the book, and to see all the plates, watch our video:

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