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The Fake Books from The Royal Tenenbaums – Made Real

I am a tremendous fan of Wes Anderson’s films. My husband and I recently saw Moonrise Kingdom and enjoyed it; I for one found it utterly charming and magical and my cheeks hurt from smiling when it was over.

Of all the movies in Anderson’s oeuvre, my favorite would come down to either Rushmore or more probably,The Royal Tenenbaums. Dark and wistful,strange and fantastical, The Royal Tenenbaums paints as strange a portrait of dysfunction in a family as can be imagined. Phantom faked illnesses, forbidden and vaguely incestuous yearnings, stabbings, redemption, and a family of once-shining child prodigies all floundering in the terrible, blinding reality of adulthood. There are several books referred to throughout the script, none of them real books, that the marvelous people at Criterion have designed cover images for the fictitious book and magazine covers mentioned throughout the movie. Favorites below – the rest on the Criterion web site.

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