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Government and State Officials’ 1907 Report on Coca-Cola

An interesting find on the site today, especially for any lover or collector of Coca-Cola and collectible Coca-Cola memorabilia: it’s a Government and State Officials’ Report on Coca-Cola from 1907.

From the description accompanying he 11-page report:

“By 1902, practically all of the cocaine had had been removed from Coca-Cola, notwithstanding the continued use of the coca plant. The Atlanta-based makers of Coke preferred to endure scornful mischaracterizations than to admit that the formula had been altered, virtually eliminating from it the very ingredient that gave Coke its kick. By 1907 it began trumpeting reports from independent laboratories declaring that in every section of the United States, in Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, Coca-Cola has been conscientiously analyzed by the most proficient chemists in their respective sections, and the verdict rendered has universally been that ‘Coca-Cola is as harmless as tea or coffee.'”

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