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Chicken Soup for the….mouth, esophagus and stomach. Like before, remember?

And in a strange, boomerang twist of cross-marketing, the Self-helpers behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books are now trying their hands at….soup!

But not soul soup. Not emotional soup. Not soup that’s actually just nice words to inspire you and make you feel spiritual. Just actual soup.

“Launching the line will be seven soups, led by iconic Chicken Noodle, made with tender chunks of chicken, egg noodles and vegetables in a signature broth. Other varieties will include traditional favorites such as Chicken and Rice, Creamy Tomato, and Mushroom Barley, as well as unique blends including Country Style Squash, Sweet Corn and Chipotle, and Hearty Black Bean. The initial soups will be available in 15 oz and 24 oz reusable and recyclable traditional glass mason jars.”

And it won’t stop there. There is a goal that by 2014, the product line will expand to include other comfort foods like pot pies, casseroles and stews.

Could it be that the Chicken Soup for the Soul people might produce something I can actually stomach? I feel self-improved already!

via Galleycat

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