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Lucky Kids, Unlucky Neighbors: JK Rowling Builds Enormous Treehouses

Original drawing of Hogwarts by artist David Edward Byrd

According to The Guardian, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is either a tremendously inconsiderate nuisance, or the coolest, most fun mother ever, depending on who you ask.

The author has been given the go-ahead to build two elaborate, Hogwarts-inspired, two-storey treehouses in the garden of her suburban Edinburgh home. As her home is situated in a conservation area and the structures will be large enough to be highly visible, upset neighbors protested to city council members and urged them to reject Rowling’s request. But too few objections were received, so the writer was victorious and plans will go ahead.

The buildings will be for Rowling’s two children, David and Kenzie. They will be built on tall stilts, connected by walkways and rope bridges, and have turrets, an owl perch, baskets and pulleys, as well as a fireman’s pole, a trapdoor, slides, staircases and more. No word on whether Rowling furnish the owl-perch with an actual owl, but less surprising things have happened.

As much as I can sympathize with the neighbors (who have already been frustrated by previous renovations and disturbances ongoing at the mansion), my main reaction is one of awe – that’s a pretty great perk to growing up with a wealthy and creative mum.

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