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On Bookselling: Mary Lacey of Nana’s Treasured Books

For those readers who may not be entirely certain how the AbeBooks platform works: we are a marketplace. When you search for a book on AbeBooks, you are searching the inventories of thousands of booksellers worldwide who list their titles with us, so that buyers can come to one place to find the books they need, rather than spending their entire lives on telephones and search engines.

We have a wide variety of booksellers in terms of both size of operation and specialty, and we love the opportunity to put a name and a story to some of the titles we see. This one is from Mary Lacey of Nana’s Treasured Books in Andover, Kansas. She’s only been with AbeBooks a couple of months and wrote to tell us how she came to find herself a bookseller.

Hi, My name if Mary Lacey with Nana’s Treasured Books. I am new to abebooks – about two months.

My husband has always loved books and we personally have several shelves full of books. I had been looking for something that we could do together as we approach retirement age. As life would have it, I met a young couple at a garage sale that gave me nearly 2,000 books. It did not take long for me to fall in love with researching and reading everything I could find about the books I had been given. Now I regularly go to different places in the community, sales, and online sources and look for older, collectible books and first edition/1st print copies of books that others have discarded.

I decided from the very beginning to learn all about this business that I could and about authors and their books. As I learn more about listing books, I update my descriptions online accordingly. I try to price competitively, but at a price that anyone can afford to enjoy these special books. My favorite books to review and research are children’s books, especially the illustrated ones. I have a 5-year-old grandson and love to share these special treasures with him. My greatest moment when reviewing the first books I received was finding a signed copy of Chanticleer and the Fox by the illustrator Barbara Cooney. That started my love of illustrated children’s books. I try to provide collectors and those buying just for the love of reading with alot of detailed information and pictures so they know what they are buying. I am surprised by the number of bookstores that include very little information in their descriptions. As a consumer, I would never buy books from online sources unless they had provided sufficient information for me to know what I was purchasing. I expect excellent customer service from merchants I personally deal with and expect nothing less from myself. This is a difficult business to start, given the economy, but I intend to continue learning, working hard, and learning the correct marketing skills to bring customers to me, and provide them with the excellent customer service that will bring them back. I have found AbeBooks to be incredibly helpful and their staff pleasant and knowledgeable. I am optimistic for the future that all the hard work now will pay rewards for the future, as well as assist in preserving the history of books.

Mary Lacey
Nana’s Treasured Books

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