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Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose – Books Will Find a Way

Barter Books in Alnwick, Northumberland, NBL, United Kingdom is located in a superb Victorian former railway station.

There is a little lunch spot here in Victoria, BC called Red Fish Blue Fish. It is situated on the docks of the Inner Harbour, and in the summer, the people in its line-up can probably be seen from space. it is very, very popular. But the reason I’m writing about it today is that it is housed in an upcycled, converted Humvee crate. I love that notion. An enormous cargo crate becomes a favorite lunch counter.

We see that with books, often, too – old bindings are recycled to become clutch purses, cigar boxes, hiding places and more. The repurposing of a thing into a new thing is inspiring, and cyclical, and I always love discovering creativity around it.

Today on Flavorwire there is a list of 10 bookstores that have sprung up in unused structures – an enormous former theater from the golden age of movies in Argentina, an abandoned glove factory in Detroit, even a former manure tank in Wisconsin – these spaces and more have been revitalized, refurbished and recycled into unique and wonderful bookstores. There are bookstores in boats and churches, cellars and attics, funeral homes and bakeries. There are mobile bookstores, too, towed behind bicycles, packed into trucks, pulled by horses and camels and rickshaws – if you will not come to the books, perhaps the books will come to you.

Books will find a way.

See the list and images of the converted bookstores at Flavorwire.

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