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Rock & Rope: Rare Mountaineering Books

I’m not one for adventure, myself. I have come to accept that I am just much more content with my feet on the ground than strapped into a harness, defying gravity in some way. Rollercoasters, skydiving, hang-gliding – these are just not for me. But I admit, I’ve often been drawn to the idea of climbing a mountain. The enormous physical challenge, the solitude, the immersion in nature and the proximity to the heavens – it does hold a real appeal. Fortunately for me, there is a wealth of books about mountain-climbing. Climbers seem compelled to write about their mountaineering experiences – perhaps it is cathartic. There is a vast selection of books about scaling mountains from the past 150 years, including autobiographies, climbing guides, histories, and tales of disaster and success.

We offer several dramatic accounts of Everest, but these rare mountaineering books go much further than the Himalayas.

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