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Book Bricks for the Best Bookends Ever

I know it’s impolite to openly salivate, but I’m only human, and a book nerd can only take so much and keep her cool! Wouldn’t these bricks painted to resemble books make the greatest bookends ever? My shelves have been crying out for these and I didn’t even know.

They are the brain-child of an Australian company called Light Reading Melbourne, and these images come from the Light Reading Melbourne facebook page. And yes, you can have them made-to-order.

From their description:

Light Reading gains inspiration from our collective perception of heavy literature. Each brick is a secondhand paver – the texture, cracks and chips are all a result of time and wear. The brick is stenciled on each side, with titles and pages giving the appearance of an antique leather-bound book.

It whimsically invokes nostalgia for a time when libraries were cavernous worlds full of yellowing p
aper, silence and time. A book’s weight and size often had a direct relationship with its gravitas – and those we cherished are eternally embedded in our memory.

Light Reading gives Melbourne’s bricks a new lease of life – with a helping hand, they transform into a new narrative. Each one is given a significant literary title, or made to order as a cherished favourite.

At the moment, sadly, it appears these gorgeous gems are only available in Australia (but in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia – not bad), which is no surprise (shipping costs must be hefty – they are bricks, after all), but maybe if we all wish and hope and pray and love them with all our might, they could be available in North America one day, too.

In the meantime, drool along with me, won’t you?

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