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Flight Behavior – An Interview with Barbara Kingsolver

This has been a good week for me so far. First I discover the world’s most creative and crafty brick bookends, and now The Telegraph has an interview with Barbara Kingsolver, one of my very favorite authors, about her new book Flight Behavior. (One word or warning to those who want to go in blind – the Telegraph article does contain some mild plot spoilers).

Kingsolver has primarily written fiction (some of her best-known include The Bean Trees, The Poisonwood Bible, and The Lacuna, though Prodigal Summer might be my favorite), but is also no stranger to non-fiction. One of the books for which she received a lot of attention was her 2008 book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, an exploration of her family’s attempts to eat more locally and environmentally sustainably.

The new title, Flight Behavior, is fiction again. The novel is a Tennessee-based story of love, science and spirituality. Kingsolver says the spark of inspiration for the tale came to her all of a sudden, in a dreamlike vision, and all went smoothly from there.

“Often there is a moment when I can see the novel sort of unrolling like a carpet in front of me and that did happen with this book. I think the novel is very much about how we understand and process what we see and how very true it is how we decide first what we believe and then collect evidence to support it, rather than the reverse. When you look at the conversation about climate change it’s baffling that everyone is presented with the same facts but people come away with very different convictions about what’s going on.”

Has anyone read this book? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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