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Top 10 AbeBooks sales from October 2012

Once again the top 10 most expensive sales on AbeBooks has produced a combination of antiquarian rarities and sought  after 20th century first editions  including one of the most contentious books  of the modern age, The Satanic Verses.

A rare limited edition of Salman Rushdie’s  1988 novel sold for almost $13,000 during October. The book needs little  introduction. It sparked protests from Muslims who  interpreted the story as blasphemous to Islam. The  novel was banned in a number of  countries.  On 14 February 1989,  Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, issued  a fatwā against Rushdie, calling for his death,  and the issue escalated with the UK and Iran ceasing formal diplomatic  relations.

Technically the threat on Rushdie’s life still stands. Today, the  story behind The Satanic Verses is once again in the news as the author recently released a memoir recounting his life in hiding.   Rushdie’s account is called Joseph Antonhis secret alias and  the combination of two of his favorite  authors, Joseph Conrad and Anton  Chekhov.

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