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Help literary charities by listing local literary events on LibraryThing

Our good friends over at LibraryThing.com have announced a new initiative to help local bookstores and libraries promote their literary events and help raise money for literary charities.

How are they doing this? For every bookstore and library event added to LibraryThing Local from now until January 1, LibraryThing will donate up to 15 cents to put books in the hands of the needy.

Who gets helped? Your local bookstore or library gets the word out about their events (for free), and LibraryThing will donate to a literary charity… the exact charity is still being discussed by LibraryThing members and you can join in on this discussion here

How do I list an event? Simply go to LibraryThing Local and choose “Add event” there or under a specific venue (bookstore or library). You need to have an account on LibraryThing to add an event but this is free to try, and highly recommended.

Why should I list an event? Because it’s free, easy, and everyone wins; bookstores, libraries, readers, authors, and charities.

The whole process is VERY easy, I just submitted a book signing for an old friend Andrian Chamberlain who is launching his new book Ollie with a signing at Munro’s Books here in Victoria in a couple weeks. You can list any event happening at any bookstore or library around the world.

For more information about LibraryThing and this local project you can check out their blog post, hopefully you all submit an event and help get some more folks out to our local bookstores and libraries.

Now go list some events

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