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Life-saving Bible from WWI Stopped Shrapnel

Amazing story from Retronaut about a bible that stopped shrapnel from killing its German infantryman owner, Kurt Geiler, in Northeast France in 1917.

“In the never-ending trench warfare in North-East France, the German infantryman was sleeping as usual with his Bible underneath his head. Without warning, a direct hit destroyed his dug-out almost completely, wounding and killing many of his comrades. Geiler was not harmed and managed to get out of the rubble. It was only later when he retrieved his Bible he discovered to his astonishment that the holy book had saved him. His son, Professor Gottfried Geiler, from Leipzig, said: “A 4cm large piece of shrapnel tore the Bible under his head. It broke through, but not completely, so my father was unharmed and still alive. “It’s true to say that the Bible, which has been kept ever since as a precious memento in the family, really was his salvation.” Geiler’s grandson Markus Geiler said it had also been treated as a ‘family anti-war memorial’. ‘I can remember my father leading me to his bookcase, opening it and taking out the Bible which was wrapped in thick paper,” he recalled. He said: ‘Look, this is what saved your grandfather’s life.’ It was always something very special when this book was unpacked.’”

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