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Falling in Love With Someone Via Their Bookshelf

I love this sweet blog post from Cup of Jo about falling in love with someone via their bookshelf:

So, my question for you is: what books on someone’s bookshelf would make you start to fall in love with them?

Years ago, my sister invited her friend Paul over to her apartment. While she was in the kitchen making some snacks, he took a look at her bookcase. At that moment, he says, he knew he would fall in love with her. Her bookcase revealed all her passions—from Roald Dahl short stories and funny plays to mountain biking guides and How We Die. She had even tucked The Baby-Sitters Club next to a book on Linear Algebra.

Three years later, they were married.

The post goes on to talk about the newly released book My Ideal Bookshelf, which features interviews with a variety of creative, literary and celebrity types including Michael Chabon, Thurston Moore, Malcom Gladwell and Judd Apatow. The interviews are all about the absolute favorite books of the person in question, and led me to two conclusions: 1) I am equal parts Miranda July and David Sedaris (meaning I may be both more neurotic and more endearing than I realized – booy/yay); and 2) Raymond Carver certainly has wide appeal.

So when perusing the bookshelf of a potential new love, what titles would you find there that most made you begin to fall harder?

I myself would love to see some books demonstrating a desire for experience – cookbooks, language books, books on gardening and travel, some books demonstrating a desire to learn and understand – history books, biographies, essays, in-depth explorations, and of course books indicating humor and caring. Some David Sedaris would be a good sign, as would (yes! see?) Raymond Carver. Books from or about other cultures – set in India, Japan, Africa, Iceland. And of course, at least a couple of children’s books, ideally from one’s own childhood. Well-loved, well-read and unthinkable to part with.

What about you?

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