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Nancy Huston Wins 2012 Bad Sex Award

And in today’s news for awards you probably don’t want to win as a writer, the Bad Sex Awards are given to the author who produces the most awkward, uncomfortable, and cringe-worthy sex scene in any given year.

The 2012 prize has been announced, and the lucky recipient is Canadian author Nancy Huston, for her novel Infrared. The Calgary-born Huston chose to include a passage describing a threesome between the novel’s heroine (a photographer), her lover (a man), and….her camera…? According the the judges, part of Huston emerging victorious over the other bad-sex nominees was her overuse of the word “undulating”. Oh, I say.

The Bad Sex Awards came to be in 1993 and were established by journalist Auberon Waugh in an effort to shine a shaming spotlight onto the hideously repetitive and cliched ways authors write about sex, and in the hopes of encouraging betterment. Works of intentional eroticism are excluded, meaning that Shades of Grey book went without notice in at least one literary circle this year.

Congratulations, Nancy Huston! Sort of.

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