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Dragons in Books

Is there a creature more fantastical than the dragon? From fierce, fire-breathing serpents to wise telepathic companions, literature has told tales of these mythical beasts for generations. Some of the best fantasy, science fiction and myth revolve around them. Fierce or friendly, wise or goofy, winged and scaly, literature is full of remarkable dragons to explore.

This one was a lot of fun to research, since the dragons in books often differ widely from one another. Some are telepathic, some can breathe or swim underwater, some are fire-breathing, and some can even teleport. There don’t seem to be too many hard and fast rules around dragons. I suppose they’re like vampires in that way (some sparkle in sunlight while others burst into flame, some can fly and some can’t, some drink blood like vicious fanged fiends and some skulk about in shadows, brooding and pouting) – if it’s a fictional, mythical creation, authors really embrace the freedom to apply their own rules, for better or worse.
Literary Dragons

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