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Hand painted bookmarks

I recently got a chance to take a small vacation to the west coast of Mexico. My wife and have become big fans of a small town just north of Puerto Vallarta called Sayulita. We really enjoy it because it’s family friendly and touristy enough that we can get around with a small child and abysmal Spanish, yet you still very much in a small Mexican town. We had a very nice time, and if you ever find yourself in that part of Mexico it’s a very pretty place to spend some time. However with this great fortune came a great responsibility, I needed to find a little something to bring back to my co-workers who were still in the office. It’s not so much a rule but an unspoken tradition that when you have the fortune to go away somewhere exciting, you bring back a little treat. We usually end up going with food (chocolate is always well received) or something bookish; which is what I did on this occasion.

While walking though the Friday morning street market I found a booth with a lady who was making hand painted paper placemats and bookmarks; and for about a dollar a piece I was able to bring back a handmade bookish treasure for my friends… are they not beautiful?

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