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Trove of new Rudyard Kipling poems to be published March 2013

Rudyard Kipling is one of those authors who are timeless; even though many of his stories were written over a hundred years ago his work is still sought after, and cherished, today with great zeal. Which is this is why the discovery, and imminent publication, of 50 of his previously unpublished poems has become such big news in the literary world.

Later next month the new poems will be published, along with 1,300 other Kipling poems, in Cambridge Edition of The Poems of Rudyard Kipling; and according to the recent Guardian article, this may not be the last round of Kipling Discoveries. The poems span over a number of years and date back to before the First World War covering a wide array of topics including travel, effects of the media, and The Great War itself.

“Kipling has long been neglected by scholars probably for political reasons,” said Pinney, emeritus professor of English at Pomona College in Claremont, California. Despite winning the Nobel prize, Kipling’s reputation has suffered over his association with British imperialism – he was described as a “jingo imperialist” by George Orwell, who also called him “the prophet of British Imperialism”.

“His texts have never properly been studied but things are starting to change,” said Pinney. “There is a treasure trove of uncollected, unpublished and unidentified work out there. I discovered another unrecorded item only recently and that sort of thing will keep happening. It is a tremendously exciting time for scholars and for fans of Kipling.”

You can find more about Rudyard Kipling here, including his stories and biographies about the author.

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