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Postcards from Famous Writers

Openculture.com has a post up called Six Postcards From Famous Writers: Hemingway, Kafka, Kerouac & More. It’s a neat collection and worth looking at:

Perhaps the most curious and amusing of the cards is the whimsical note F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to himself. (See above.) Fitzgerald was working as a screenwriter in Hollywood during the late 1930s and stayed for awhile at the fabled Garden of Allah (now a parking lot just down Sunset Boulevard from the Chateau Marmont), where a number of film and literary luminaries once lived, including Errol Flynn, Greta Garbo, the Marx Brothers, Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley. Little is known about Fitzgerald’s postcard to himself, but alcohol is generally assumed to have been involved.


We have a selection of very cool literary postcards available on AbeBooks, as well, and the above post inspired me to go seek them out. Here are some:

An autograph postcard from Seamus Heaney, featuring a limerick:

“A couple named Ratcliffe + Hood / Have written to ask if I would / Just write out my name – / Which I do with some shame, / It seems so self-centered and rude.”

This one from Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) to his publisher reads:
“Wednesday. My Dear Osgood — All right — shall expect you Friday [word scratched out]. Would have written you sooner, but one of the children has been lying very close to the grave ever since New Years’ night, & was not declared out of danger till yesterday evening. Truly Yours, S.L. Clemens.”

This lavish one is signed by Oscar Wilde:
“Depicting four naked nymphs (they may be dryads – I’m no expert) surrounding a male figure. Signed by Wilde at upper margin – the characteristic down-stroke flourish uncoincidentally coming to rest on the fig-leaf which spares the young man’s modesty. ”

A collection of 8 cards signed by Henry Miller:

And this one from Walt Whitman:

And that really is just a drop in the bucket. Have a browse!

Collectible Postcards on AbeBooks

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