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30 Things a Writer Should Know

Matt Haig is a writer in his 30s who fell into the profession after writing a number of business books on marketing.  His first novel, The Last Family in England, (which  depicts Shakespeare’s Henry IV, from the point of view of dogs) was a bestseller in the UK and the young author hasn’t looked back since.  If you want to look back, you can read an interview that AbeBooks did him a few years ago; so many years in fact that when we did the interview MySpace was a website that people payed attention to.

Today, Haig shared a decade of hard learned wisdom in the pages of The Telegraph.  Included in his notes are gems such as “People always want the book you have just written. But if you give it to them you will lose their respect. (People are weird.) ” ,  “Most things that go on with a writer’s career the writer doesn’t know about“, which meshes well with the concept that “Foreign rights = free money.

His insights are interesting and quite honest, well worth the quick read.  If you like what you read you can also check out his books The Dead Fathers Club, The Radleys, and his newest book The Humans which will be published May 9th.

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