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10 Fan Letters to Famous Authors…From Famous Authors

This is a great post from Flavorwire. They rounded up 10 examples of letters of admiration and appreciation written to famous authors…from other famous authors!

Some of the examples include a 1976 letter from Ray Bradbury to Robert Heinlein (“…will continue to be grateful for the help you offered when I was so poor & needful!”), an 1858 correspondence from Charles Dickens to George Eliot (“…The exquisite truth and delicacy, both of the humour and the pathos of those stories, I have never seen the like of; and they have impressed me in a manner that I should find it very difficult to describe to you, if I had the impertinence to try…”), and one from 1937 that Virginia Woolf wrote to Olaf Stapledon (“…ometimes it seems to me that you are grasping ideas that I have tried to express, much more fumblingly, in fiction.”), among several others.

But my favorite has to be this letter written in 1964, by a then 16-year-old George R.R. Martin, to comics legend Stan Lee.

Dear Stan and Don,

After receiving and reading my subscription copies of FF #32 and AVENGERS #9, I have finally come to the decision to have both mounted in bronze and set on a pedestal in the center of my living room. Although the F.F. is “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”, I must admit that on this occasion AVENGERS #9 was slightly the better of the two. This is not to say that F.F wasn’t up to par, but rather that the Avengers was–er–breathtaking, shall we say? What a story! It was beyond words; the fast-paced action, solid characterization, and that terrific ending all gave it that extra oomph and catapulted into the great class. Stan, old boy, you can put another notch in your pen for this masterpiece….

George R.R. Martin, 36 E. First St.
Bayonne, N.J. 07002

Love it! If this kind of written correspondence of yesterday is your cup of tea, be sure to check out our Literary Letters feature. And if you are a fan of mutual admiration of well-known folks, learn about Association Copies – books inscribed by famous people to other famous people.

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