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Sanity prevails with Adele memoir, and other miscellany

Casino-Royale-Ian-FlemingI was crawling the blogosphere looking for something interesting to tell you all and I couldn’t choose between three stories, so I decided you could enjoy all three. The first comes from the UK where The Belfast Telegraph reports that a publisher offered pop music superstar Adele a giant stack of money to produce a memoir; the paper goes on to say that Adele rejected the offer because (and this is the part I really like), she feels she’s too young to write a proper memoir. The Telegraph’s story appears to be based on information from an unidentified source so make of it what you will; however if this is even partly true it is nice to hear of a young star taking a memoir seriously.  It nearly caused a stroke when I found out that then-17-year-old Justin Bieber* was publishing a memoir two years ago.  So good on you, Adele – first you nailed the Skyfall Bond theme song and now you’re saving publishers from themselves.

Speaking of Bond, the next story comes from The Independent (care of Moby Lives) and relates to an early draft of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale that was made public this weekend as part of the book’s 60th anniversary. It was ‘discovered’ that Fleming initially had his protagonist introduce himself as James Secretan to those outside of the secret service.  It’s a good thing he changed it because “The name’s  Secretan, James Secretan” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Could have been a multi-million dollar mistake there; also we never would have seen all these great covers.

vampire-killing-toolsAnd lastly, the Fine Books Blog points out that a set of Victorian vampire-killing tools is coming to auction. How great a conversation piece would this be? The blog explains that “Some believe that kits like these were sold to European travelers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to protect themselves from the undead, while others view them as souvenirs that cashed in on the popularity of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, first published in 1897.”


*I apologize for their being two Justin Bieber references in consecutive days on this blog. We will try to never let it happen again.


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