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Print Copies Only: Stephen King’s “Joyland” Not for E-Readers


An interesting decision (and something of an about-face from a decade ago) from Stephen King recently. The incredibly prolific novelist and master of the macabre announced that his newest novel, Joyland, will be available in print only for the foreseeable future. He has not released the rights to a digital copy, and claims he has no plans to do so.

It’s a surprising move from King, and something of a 180° – he was one of the first proponents of e-books, championing the technology by making his novel “Riding the Bullet” available as an e-book via Simon & Schuster in 2000. He also introduced Amazon’s “Kindle 2” alongside founder & CEO Jeff Bezos, in 2009.

This time King has decided to throw his support behind brick-and-mortar booksellers. “I have no plans for a digital version,” King told the Journal. “In the meantime, let people stir their sticks and go to an actual bookstore rather than a digital one.”

While this may be bad news for horror fans used to receiving their chills and thrills instantaneously with the click of a button, there is good news: the print copy will of course still be available from online retailers, so they won’t actually have to leave the house and go to a bookstore.

…but it might be an adventure!

via NYDailynews

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