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10 Literary-Themed Restaurants

It’s not news that books and food go together well. Obviously we think so – you can read our posts on the 50 Best Food Memoirs, Penguin’s Great Food Series, The Best Literary Recipes, and Fiction in the Kitchen: 30 Culinary Novels to name just a few. Reading and eating are two of the great pleasures in life, food for the body, brain and soul simultaneously. It’s always a delight to find new ways to combine our favorite things, too, and these 10 Literary-Themed Restaurants certainly fit the bill.

They range in scope from the broad-themed Biblio in Williamsburg, which is simply a book-themed eatery, to more specific culinary-cum-literary adventure spots such as Club Verne, a wonderfully weird-looking Jules Verne-themed restaurant found in Budapest, Hungary. Or if you’re feeling like you need a change (get it? change? metamorphosis?), check out Cafe Kafka, found in Barcelona, Spain. I’d love to make it a bucket-list goal to visit as many of these places as possible.

I think my favorite may be Alice in Magic World, found in Tokyo Japan. Sometimes, one craves a little taste of the surreal. I can only imagine the food and beverage menus are headed with “Eat me” and “Drink me”.




Via Flavorwire.

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