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Antiquarian Medical Books: Bloodletting and Beyond


We’ve just done a feature on collectible medical books, and it was fascinating to find all of the old techniques and beliefs about medicine and the human body in the books from decades and centuries ago. While medicine has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years, the constant evolution of its tools and methods makes for a fascinating subject not only to study, but to collect.

At their respective times of publication, the Fowler Brothers’ work in phrenology may have been as scientifically sound and reputable as William Harvey’s landmark exploration of blood circulation. However, only one stood the test of time.

Whether you are interested in great discoveries or quackery and oddities, the collection of medical books is always intriguing.

One of the books featured, Spinal Deformity In Relation to Obstetrics by A.H. Freeland Barbour (1883) has some fantastically well-done and detailed accompanying art as well – appealing to both those interested in medicine and bones, and those with a ghoulish gothic leaning, too.





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