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Own two bookshelves and your children will succeed


50 books to read to an 11 year old

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that – you can’t just own the books – but a recent study has concluded that there is a correlating relationship between parents who own, and love, books and how well those children fare in school.  This concept should not be shocking to anyone as it’s not difficult to make the jump from “boy do I love books” to “boy do I love reading books to my child” but if you ever needed an extra excuse to justify your next book purchase, here it is.

…the difference in educational achievement between children of families with more than two bookcases of books and children of families with only very few books at home (the two extremes of the five available categories) is 1.15 standard deviations, or more than three times what students on average learn during a whole school year.

So the moral for today is: Don’t feel guilty about your book splurges, and read to your children whenever you can.

Here’s a link to the study, which is actually quite a good read if you are interested in socioeconomic analysis.

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