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AbeBooks 10 most expensive sales – June 2013

Granite-and-Cyprus-by-Robinson-JeffersEvery month AbeBooks lists the ten most expensive books that have been purchased on the site, it’s a very interesting list that keeps a finger on the pulse of what collectors are adding to their libraries around the world.  I look forward to putting the list together each month because, not only does it give me a great excuse to learn more about the scholars of the 15th and 17th centuries, or forgotten Renaissance artists, that are featured in these fantastic books but it lets me live vicariously through the collectors who now get to place these fantastic books in their libraries.

Usually I covet the books because of their significance, but sometimes I simply think the book is wonderful because of the beauty and design of the book itself.  Last month we sold one such book.  Granite and Cypress by Robinson Jeffers is a beautifully designed book which was limited to just 100 numbered copies and printed on handmade Hayle paper and bound by the Schuberth Bookbindery.  It was issued in a slipcase made of Monterey Cypress and with a window of granite from Jeffers’ own stoneyard.  It sold last month for $9,500.

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