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Bookshelves of the Rich and Famous

audubon-owlsIf money were no object, what would your book collection look like? Would you own an original Hobbit, a signed Einstein or the ultimate Joyce collection for six figures?

I find myself dreaming about this from time to time. I love books so much, in so many different ways – the pleasure of reading (chiefly), the pleasure of display and design as home decor, the pleasure of collection. I think about what elaborate, built-in bookshelves I would commission, what seating would be in the room, what the lighting would be like and more. But mostly, I dream about the rare, collectible, priceless and unforgettable books I could collect, if I had limitless funds with which to do so. In reality, I’m rich already, I know – I’m lucky that I can buy a new book or two quite often, used books very often, and have access to public libraries the rest of the time. A dream in itself, really. But it’s still fun to imagine the sublime and ridiculous.

With that in mind, we’ve combed the site and cherry-picked some of the finest, rarest books to admire. Dare to dream with the most exclusive items available on AbeBooks. And for the rest of us, there are also links to their more affordable counterparts. Enjoy.

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