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1977, The Shining and all that

It’s 1977 and Stephen King publishes his third novel called The Shining. The book powers King into superstar status in the literature world. Stanley Kubrick goes on to make a famous movie in 1980 and interest never seems to wane in this story about the Overlook Hotel, an isolated resort in Colorado.

Today, we have finally have a sequel – Dr Sleep. And yes, there are signed copies available.

We can also look forward to seeing a limited edition of The Shining, signed by King, published by Subterranean Press in October.

King had already published Carrie and Salem’s Lot when The Shining appeared – a hat-trick of scary books meant that millions of readers around thr world were going to bed half scared to death.

The Shining is based on King’s experience of staying in an almost-deserted Colorado resort called the Stanley Hotel as it was about to close for the off-season.

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