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Stephen King’s 40 Years of Fear

Carrie by Stephen King

It all started with a novel about a girl with a frightening power.  On April 5, 1974, Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie hit shelves for the very first time, and the master of horror is still going strong.

At the risk of stating the obvious, few authors past or present have achieved the level of success experienced by Stephen King. But then again, few authors are as prolific as Stephen King. With over 350 million copies of more than 70 titles sold worldwide, many adapted to film, television, and even Broadway musicals and comic books, King’s impact on popular culture is irrefutable.

King has released at least one book every year since his debut – frequently more than one, sometimes as many as three or four in a single year.  His next book, Mr. Mercedes, comes out June 3, 2014. From Carrie and Cujo to Dolores Claiborne and Doctor Sleep, we’ve compiled a complete list of King’s books and stories along with a look at the literary royalty’s most collectible titles.  Get a full dose of horror right here.

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